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I provide my clients with: individual therapy (50min)  $200
couples therapy (50 minutes)  $225
in home therapy $250 to $300
group therapy (60min) $300 for six sessions
We will collaborate on your treatment plan designed to address and diminish your symptoms and support your therapeutic needs.  I provide a safe and compassionate environment where we mutually work on restoring your well-being.

Individual Counseling

We start with an initial consultation via telephone, which is complimentary. During this call, we will discuss your reason for seeking therapy. My hope is that you'll share some of your background and I'll talk about my approach, in order to determine whether this is the right fit.   

If we agree to work together, we will discuss scheduling our initial session and choose a regular cadence for meeting. Once we meet and we will work to establish your goals and objectives for therapy.


Group Therapy

There are times when people benefit from sharing their stories and struggles as well as connecting with others who experience similar experiences; and learning coping strategies in a group environment. There is sense of community that can be gained when individuals come together with a common goal of healing, despite having different backgrounds and sources of pain.   I offer the following groups (maximum 6 people): Loss and Grieving, Divorce, and Parenting.


To help establish a comfortable and nurturing environment, groups sessions are limited to a maximum of six people, which meet weekly for a period of six weeks. Members of the group may continue to the next series of sessions, and occasionally members may join mid-schedule. However, my goal is to create a supportive group that learns to trust and bond with one another over multiple sessions. 

My Approach

I hold a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University 2004 and have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy since 2008.  I believe in and value education; and I also hold an Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master Personal and Executive Coaching (MPEC) credential.    I have 18 years of experience working with both individuals and families facing adversity.   I utilize psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, attachment theory,  as well as narrative therapy.     I provide an empathetic and supportive environment.  I will work with you to uncover deep sources of pain which may have developed during childhood, or through a traumatic experience, and uncover patterns of behaviors.   Collaboratively we will set therapeutic goals and determine a roadmap for healing.

I have served on the SFV CAMFT Board of Directors as the Vice President of Programs during the 2021 term.  

My passion is working with those who have faced trauma including history of abuse, anxiety, depression, divorce, and loss.  I also work with parents of teens in need of navigating parenting.  I work with young adults ages (18-24) navigating the transition to from adolescence to adulthood.  

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My Approach
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